Panel Code of Conduct

Panel Code of Conduct is designed to keep the panel and its panelist in a healthy engagement during the data collection process of Market Research.

Guidelines to be followed by the panelist:

  • Panelist, defines a registered member of Unify Panels or Unify Research.
  • Registered Panelist are entitled to receive Research surveys request in the method of online [Quantitative] or Phone/Tele-web/In-Person [Qualitative]
  • Survey answers/responses will be scrutinized in view of the client/project requirement, any answers/responses which/those do not met the quality requirement is eligible to be terminated/removed at the discretion of Unify Panels or Unify Research.
  • Removed responses/answers will be informed within 30 days
  • Respondents attempting to complete the survey after the quota has been met or who do not qualify will not be eligible to receive the honorarium. If you do not qualify, your participation in the survey will be terminated after a few short screener questions, and no honorarium will be paid.
  • Honorarium/Incentives are only entitled to be paid out only once the panelist completes the survey in the stipulated time frame.
  • Honorarium/Incentives is processed once the research survey is completed. The turnaround time [TAT] to be in receipt of the Honorarium/Incentives is about 45-60 days once the research is closed. An intimation will be shared with all participants about the research closure.
  • A processing fee of $1 will be levied on all incentive/honorarium payout.

Unify Research, is a global data collection agency with a strong forte in healthcare and pharma research dedicated to capturing the voice of healthcare professionals globally.

We support Quantitative and Qualitative Data collection, Survey Scripting, Multi-country Field Work, Translations, Transcriptions and data processing.

We aim to become the backbone of Healthcare/Pharmaceutical research objectives by providing quality data collection solutions.  Our vision of serving the Medical World through humanly responses will transform the way we see the medical domain.

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